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Emerald market may warm up in the second half of the year


Emerald market may warm up in the second half of the year Is the Jadeite Market really falling in price, and is it in the "winter"? The reporter recently visited the country’s largest Jadeite processing and wholesale base, Pingzhou Jade City in Nanhai, Zhaoqing Sihui International Jade City and Asia’s largest Jade Distribution Center in Guangzhou Hualin Jade City. The market found that the overall market was in a high consolidation state, and a few high-end varieties were lowered in price by four. In one, middle and low-end products are still booming. Businesses have embraced the "winter" occasion, invariably look forward to the second half of the market warming.


Market sentiment faded and business was cold

Guangdong's two traditional jade professional markets include Guangzhou Hualin Jade City, a distributing center, and Shuibei Jade Jade City, Shenzhen; processing and wholesale production bases are Pingzhou, Nanhai, Zhaoqing, and Jieyang. The three major processing and production and wholesale bases together with Guangzhou and Shenzhen form a combination of “pre-store and post-plant”. The vast majority of jade products circulating in the national market come from these places.

The reporter saw in Pingzhou Jade City that almost all the stores had opened for business. Although most stores are slightly deserted, there is no shortage of hot spots in the market. At the entrance of a handsome jade shop, he saw a group of buyers from outside the door, sometimes using bright flashlights to light up the bracelets and watching carefully, pressing the calculator in his hands to whisper; the counters in the store were covered A group of newly arrived jade bracelets, more than a dozen buyers across the counter side by side with the owner of the computer, "looked out," silently bargaining. The author used the “city” and found out that although the passenger flow was not very great, the parking lot and the street side of the jade city were full of cars with license plates flying all over the country, and the shuttles and private cars that shuttled to and from there were also Make the main road a bit crowded.

In Sihui International Jade Garden City, the author discovered that the popularity of several old stores in the city’s Tianguang Market was still very high. There were two big row of motorcycles parked on the roadside. There were people outside the parking lot who had pulled the bar on the van. The emerald green banners with small strokes and big shots show guests, but some of the new stores are empty. Only a few buyers sit at the counter and ask the salesperson for information.

"Compared with the first half of last year, the popularity of Pingzhou was greatly reduced." Liang Zhoulin, president of the Pingzhou Jewelry & Jade Association, told the author. And Luo Rongzheng, secretary general of the Sihui jewelry and jade jewelry trade association, thinks that the situation of the Sihui Emerald City is similar to that of Ping Chau. Since October last year, the flow of people has fallen by at least half and the purchasing power has dropped seriously: “It was not so cold in the 2008 financial crisis. ."

Phenomenon 2

It is difficult to rent new shops and rents continue to decline

In Pingzhou Jade City, the author saw several new malls just opened. The floor on the ground had not yet had time to sweep away, but there were not many buyers, and a large number of shops were still being renovated. “From the second half of last year to the present, Pingzhou Jadeware City has already seen a lot of buoyant shop transfers.” Liang Huanglin said that before the new mall of Pingzhou Jadeware City was not built, the merchants had already scrambled to grab stalls like “ If you are playing a new stock, you must first pay a part of the deposit to participate in the draw, so that you can get the bunk.

However, in the past more than a year, the most “hot” Pingzhou in the Jade market has also appeared in the case of “Jipu”. Some merchants have rented half of their original stalls, and some have accelerated their expansion when prices have risen. Opened a number of branches, but now it only leaves one of the best operating conditions as a fulcrum. At the same time, the rent for shops in Pingzhou Jadeware City continues to decline. "Rent will continue to reduce some of the future." Liang Huanglin estimates.

Phenomenon three

Public participation, a new record high

According to reports, since 2003, Pingzhou has held more than 20 transactions of jadeite jade fairs (ie, "public trading") each year. When the author visited, he happened to hit a record number of participants. "Although the market has changed, the material released this time is the most in recent years." Liang Huanglin told the author that the number of people participating in the public session reached 7,000. At the site of the public spot, the full-faced jadeite stone has been cut open, and buyers have carefully studied cross-sections with various instruments, or carefully whispered prices.

Yutian Shanfang boss Yue Minquan told the author that in December last year Pingzhou’s overall market price fell slightly, but the price of good material is still not low. This time, the owner of the Yunnan mine, which supplies the public market, is willing to sell good goods. Because the market situation is getting worse, I want to release good materials to drive the market.

“A lot of people say that there are huge profits and bubbles in the jadeite industry, mainly because the outside world is deeply disturbed by the recent soaring prices of jadeite, but in fact, most people only know what they are, and they don’t know why. The survival of the fittest exists in every industry. "Yue Minquan admitted frankly that the "gambling stone" of the jadeite industry had both a fortune and a night of extreme poverty. "Buying a stone of 1 million yuan and opening a value of 10 million yuan is a huge profit. Celebrate, for fear that others don't know, but when it comes to buying 10 million yuan worth of stones, it only costs 1 million yuan or even less, then it can only be used to “fight teeth and eat in the stomach”; some people even drive Mercedes-Benz yesterday. , but after a day it is possible to go bankrupt."

Analysis articles

High-grade Jadeite has a small volume and blind investment risk

In 2010, the average price of high-grade jadeite has risen by one or two percent from the previous year. Liang Huanglin believes that because businessmen in various fields have entered the jade industry with hot money, speculation has increased sharply, and even the phenomenon of borrowing money and increasing the value of goods and goods has emerged: "The serious profits of processing and sales are limited, but they have been rich but have contributed to this growth. The momentum.” In addition, the continual growth of the operator team and the increasing cost of mining jade in Myanmar have pushed up the price of jadeite jade. “The most advanced excavators in the world can be found everywhere on the construction site in Myanmar. In order to increase the amount of exploitation, they even removed the whole mountainous area and dig deep.”

Liang Huanglin also admitted that the Jade market has been in recession since the beginning of last year, especially in the second half of last year. The transaction was lighter than in previous years, and in particular, the sale of high-grade jade has declined. “However, the overall market price has not been as high as the roller coaster or the “crumbling” that certain media had said earlier, but only about 25% of the overall price for pure white glass and iced jadeite wool and jewelry. "The decline." He said that the high-end Jadeite has a limited amount of life, and the sellers are reluctant to sell, while the low-grade jade has produced flat production and sales. "There may be 30% to 50% of profits before mid-to-high end products. Now we will adopt a puerile-broadening strategy. The cost of 'Dalu' is very low, and businesses are not afraid of entering this time." A jade shop owner told the author, " Now in Jade Street in Pingzhou, a single piece of jade can also be sold at a wholesale price, which is more significant than in the previous two years.”

"The market has undergone periodical adjustments. Apart from being affected by the economic environment, blindly investing in duplicate construction is also one of the reasons." Liang pointed out that in recent years, all parts of the country have used the name of the development of the cultural industry to create similar projects and jade jewelry shopping malls have blossomed everywhere. As a result, the mall has closed down, and the newly-built malls in Ruili, Tengchong, and Jieyang in Yunnan have encountered difficulties in recruiting in different degrees. According to reports, in order to support the emerald industry, the local government of the four associations offered preferential tax concessions for most SMEs and stalls.


The overall market may be warmer in the second half of the year

“The demand for jadeite exists objectively, and it will not disappear suddenly because of the adjustment of this market. The varieties with investment value will always rise, but at present everyone is waiting and seeing.” In the face of “harsh winter”, Sihui Hongyuan’s jade boss Zhang Guoqiang does not Concerned, "The overall price of jade has been adjusted at a high level after going through the madness of the previous two years. Now it is in a transitional period, and it is precisely for the parties to slow down and calm down." According to reports, the self-employed households of Sihui have been operating in the past two years. , Partnership purchases, tenders, so that you can put together funds, technology and market share to achieve "1 +1 greater than 2" effect. "Different business partners have specializations in the field of surgery, and they can complement each other's strengths and experiences. If you don't have groups, it's very difficult to win even a successful bid. Companies in Fujian and Jieyang have already done so." He said he wanted to earn money. The quick-money people are definitely the first to be eliminated in this wave of adjustments: "This is good, and the elimination of toxins, leaving healthy cells to enable healthy development of the market."

Luo Rongzhen expects that the Jade market may begin to pick up in the second half of this year. However, he does not seem to have absolute confidence. He repeatedly stressed that this is only a common “vision” in the industry: “Sihui jade industry must be transformed and upgraded, specifically, it is to create high-end brands and development. Local jade culture. In the future we hope to promote the Sihui 'origin of origin' brand, and further develop and expand the existing 'people's production industry'."

Liang Huanglin said that since the beginning of last year, the economic environment has taken the brunt of the jewelry jade jewellery industry. Individual jadeite varieties such as glass, ice, and other jadeite wool and finished products have been falling due to rapid rises before they were sold. “Inflation factors make the value of high-end jade far exceed gold, and supply exceeds supply. At present, the cost of originating production is getting higher and higher, and the comprehensive tariffs of Burmaite jade imported into mainland China are still high, and the domestic labor costs and marketing costs of jadeite processing are also rising year by year. All these have made the wholesale and retail prices of emerald wool and finished products have no room to fall.” He believes that the jewelry jade jewellery market, which is small in size, valuable, and easy to carry, can both beautify life and increase in value, will recover, and there will be steady growth. Even if both sales and production are prosperous, the price rise will be repeated and the jade market will continue to rise.

Industry voice

It is necessary for the industry to "make a cold war"

Apart from such optimism, many people in the industry have not escaped the problems faced by the jade industry, and “shuffle” is imperative. "Shuffle" is always followed by the rapid expansion of the industry, and the jade industry is no exception. When the jadeite market began to enter the skyrocketing channel, various funds swarmed and they had their own plans. Some of them entered the processing and production and sales links, some fried the stone, and some speculative shops... In short, all short-term profits are regarded as the criteria for success.

The myth of riches in the jade industry has led many speculators to believe that a tens of thousands of yuan of raw materials may instantly turn themselves into multi-millionaires, irrespective of all risks involved. "Let the industry make a cold war. It's really necessary to wake up." Luo Rongzhen thinks that before the soaring of jade, some people have lost their senses and even their desire to smoke, and the staged fall of prices will squeeze out the bubble, which will be beneficial to the long-term health of the industry. development of. He suggested that managers with abundant funds and unique visions are now a good time to make a market at the bottom. They can prepare for the further expansion of production in the future; and mature companies with more healthy capital flows can take the opportunity to improve internal management. Rich technology, development of customers, open source and reduce expenditure, to reserve "**" for the arrival of a new wave of market.

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