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Have you ever bought a literary game that has skyrocketed?



Some time ago, the stock market was like a roller coaster's skyrocketing plunging, so many investors were stunned, crying and tears, I don't know how many investors.

In recent years, the literary and play market has become increasingly popular, and prices have been speculated when the price is high and low, and the skyrocketing is like the stock market.

In this year, playing chess and games also needs to be cautious, and wenwan investment is risky!

Lobular rosewood: price waist

In the past six months, the price of lobular rosewood has plummeted and has now plummeted to the “waist price”.

As one of the high-end woods, the price of lobular rosewood has continued to rise from the beginning of last year. The price per ton has risen from 150,000 yuan to 700,000 yuan, which was once in short supply. However, after October, after the irrational speculation caused the price bubble, the price of lobular rosewood fell sharply. At present, every ton has fallen to between 250,000 and 300,000 yuan.

This "waist" type of plunge has indeed damped market confidence and hurt the hearts of those investors.

Xingyue Bodhi: The price plummeted 500%!

In the hot days of Xingyue Bodhi, in the streets and lanes, almost everybody, men, women and children, has a string of Xingyue Bodhi. Last year, the price of Xingyue Bodhi reached its peak, and the price of better quality was more than 1,000 yuan, and the average product was also around 200-300 yuan.

Nowadays, the market of Xingyue Bodhi is approaching saturation, and a large amount of oversupply has caused its price to plummet. It can buy a string of less than 100 yuan.

Wenwan Walnut: Price Diving

With the rise of the craze for playing walnuts, the price of Wenwan walnut has also risen in recent years. It is precisely because of the price of wenwan walnuts that it has attracted a lot of follow-up planting and hot money speculation, resulting in a sharp fall in the price of wenwan walnuts. .

For example, in the past, a pair of 45mm tiger heads could be sold for 1,600 yuan, and now even 400 yuan is not necessarily bought. Do not sigh, how the walnut market, which has been “weightless”, should strike a balance in the future.

Thu Bai: Once crazy

Players who like to play Thuja have a deep understanding of the crazy Yabo in recent months. In its heyday, the price of Thubai was crazy to a price every day. Good quality, full of flowers, thuja bracelets, price even catching sea yellow and agarwood!

Yabai is so "fire", of course, there is no doubt that there is a possibility of "virtual fire". Now the Yabai bubble is too high, and friends who like Yabai can wait until this fire falls down and buy again.

Coconut shell coconut: smashed wenwan

Since last year, as a representative of the black wenwan material, the coconut shell is not afraid of oil and is not afraid of water, and is very popular among players.

Once a few hundred dollars of coconut shell coconut syrup 108, it is currently about 100 yuan, or even lower!

The price of coconut shell has been sizzling, there are many raw materials, and the market is shipping a lot. Players no longer believe in the “rare” in the mouth of the business.

The coconut shell is a typical literary game that has been fired.

Huang Longyu

Old players in the circle can recall, just ten years ago, the price of Huanglongyu was calculated as "tens of dollars a ton" or "hundreds of dollars a truck", but the follow-up has soared to every kilogram. A few thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of yuan, the overall price of Huang Longyu is rising by 20%-30% per year. In 2009 and 2010, Huang Longyu's increase almost reached 100%. In Huanglongyu, the highest price is turf decoration and seed carving. The price is easy to reach 10,000 yuan. Generally, the price of Huanglong jade carving is between several hundred yuan and several thousand yuan, and the small jewelry pendant is in the thousand. Within the yuan. This is like a big bull market that is constantly red in the stock market.

However, from the last year of last year, Huang Longyu’s market has fallen sharply.

The recent wenwan price has indeed seen a general setback.

In Panjiayuan, most of the merchants selling Xingyue Bodhi in the wholesale market have hanged out the signs of the goods. Last year, they sold 200-300 yuan a string of 9mm×7mm Xingyue Bodhi. This year’s 100 yuan and 3 big sales can’t attract customers. Stop, the price drops as much as 200%! A shop owner named Hu introduced that in the past, 200 yuan to 300 yuan a string, 9mm × 7mm specifications of Xingyue Bodhi, this year 100 yuan one, the lowest tens of dollars can get. What is the reason?

A businessman who has been engaged in wenwan business for many years said that in the first half of 2014, Xingyue Bodhi had a high output and a high demand, and the price reached its peak. The price of Hainan Seed (Gaomi Shunbai Zhengyue), which is better in appearance, is more than 1,000 yuan. The general product is also around 300-400 yuan; while the price of Vietnamese and Indonesian seeds is around 200+.

This year, the main reason for the price reduction of Xingyue Bodhi is that the output is too high and the supply exceeds demand. Although the quality of Hainan seeds can maintain the price, Vietnam and Indonesian seeds are facing a sharp fall in prices. As time goes by, the middle and low-end markets are becoming more and more saturated, and it is difficult to cut prices! For the collapse of the price of coconut shells, wenwan experts believe that there are many raw materials for coconut shells. After the price of coconut shells has been smashed, the manufacturers chasing profits have swarmed. As a result, merchants competed in price cuts and shipped in large quantities, which led to a sharp fall in prices.

According to the introduction of a business owner of wenwan walnuts, the main reason for the sharp drop in prices is that in addition to the low fever of consumption, the large-scale cultivation and blind grafting of popular varieties by nuclear farmers is also an important reason for lowering the price of walnuts.

Experts reminded that real gold is not afraid of red fire, one point for the price of goods. The demand for different products has risen and fallen, and the momentum of counterfeit and shoddy products to disrupt the market with low prices has increased. I hope that everyone will have a clear understanding of market conditions and product quality when purchasing, and don’t spend money every time to buy lessons. The last crash is not wenwan, but your wallet!

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